Whole school curriculum planning

Student voice – As a rural school we have the opportunity to closely know our student’s. We encourage students’ input into the school systems and their learning. As a school we encourage students to make suggestions on topics to be focussed on each term and for the older children particularly to plan their learning with their teacher.

‘Start- Up Program’ – The start up program is implemented during the first three days of school. It follows a quality learning approach, where systems are established in a cooperative manner to ensure a collaborative approach to the school routines and learning. Individual Learning goals are set for each student which then becomes an outcome for each student to strive to achieve.

Differentiated curriculum for students –We plan the curriculum using a purposeful, personalised, and precise (PPP) approach using the above methods also combined with staff expertise and knowledge of the Australian Victorian Essential Learning (AusVELS) standards. We have a whole school curriculum plan which incorporates all the essential learning, which is adjusted according to the needs of the students. These needs are analysed by using the data collected from each child throughout the year.