• The establishment of sound and well developed literacy skills are essential to future student learning and successful interaction with the world. Students who leave school unable to read or write effectively, experience significantly reduced vocational and further educational opportunities.


  • To provide a program that ensures all students are literate to a high standard by the time they graduate from school.


  • Literacy is a whole of government priority and as such, our school commits itself fully to the realisation of high literacy standard for all of our students.
  • Our school will have a sequential and highly organised P-10 literacy program based upon the Victorian Curriculum F-10 document.
  • The school will provide an uninterrupted 2-hour literacy block in primary classes
  • Literacy aides will be maintained to assist students requiring other literacy support, and all teaching aides will be provided with literacy training.
  • Appropriate professional development will be made available for all participating staff.
  • An assessment schedule will be developed and implemented, with minimum achievement standards and targets being set for all students in each domain of literacy. Ongoing formative assessment based upon the¬†Literacy and Numeracy 6-18 Month Strategy¬†document will be a feature of all classroom programs as well as a differentiated data-driven curriculum for each student.
  • Assessment data will be collected and analysed as required, with the results being used to monitor performance, as well as to drive program development and delivery.